Majic Mentoring

A community of app developers across the country to grow, strategize and exchange marketing ideas and tips to build their business. With Cofounder of Alakazam Apps, Majic you will become apart of an extraordinary virtual think tank.

Here are some awesome benefits of  joining Majic Mentoring: 

  • Exclusive webinar access with password

  • Access to communicate with other business owners across the country to share insight on building a business.

  • Leadership Training

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Support System 

1) How do I join?

Pay your membership fee! It's an initial membership fee of $700 with $75.00 a month to gain access to the Magic Mentoring Group. Once you have signed up your will be given an email with you virtual conference room and password.

2) When  do we meet?

We meet twice a month, To ensure we get to check-in and support entrepreneurs who may not be able to make it on a specific day. The specific days are exclusive to the Majic Mentoring Group and will be will be made aware in the email after signing up.

3) I don't have a business, yet.

It's okay. It's even better to get some guidance on marketing and how to build a business before actually building a business. The Magic Mentoring group aims for you to be educated and have suppport  


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