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Alakazam Apps is excited to bring you the 90-day countdown to having your very own mobile application for your fitness business in 90 days. This course isn't just to tell you how to do it, but by the end of 90 days, you will have your mobile application in Google Play and Apple, in order for iPhone and Android users to download. This extensive course will give you step by step instructions on how to set up your developer accounts, trainings, ideas on marketing, how to launch, and how in-app purchases work!

Mobile application development costs usually range anywhere from 50k to 100k. We are able to lower this cost by creating a mobile app building platform that gives the everyday business owner the ability to edit and update their app without coding and shared development cost. Think of us as the WIX or Godaddy of mobile applications.

Course Curriculum Outline

*This course includes the Alakazam Apps developers building the foundation of your mobile application and guaranteed approval in Google Play and Apple. We are a software company, we don't update, edit or maintain your mobile app.

  • Legal Business Necessities

  • Website Overview

  • Business Email Set Up

  • Duns Number

  • Building App Detail (Look/Color/Icons)

  • Creating A Google Play Developer Account (Androids) ($25 One-Time fee)

  • Creating An IOS Apple Developer Account (iPhones/iPads) ($99 Yearly Membership Fee)

  • Plug-In Breakdown (Features of your Mobile Application)

  • Alakazam Apps Software Training

  • How To Market and Use Analytics

  • Operational Guide (How to Edit, Update your Mobile App)

  • How In-App Purchases Work

  • Launching Strategies

  • Lifetime Customer Service

  • Bi-Weekly Alakazam Apps Trainings

*The purchase of Apple and Google Developer account is not included. You will have to do this in your own name, under your own LLC to legally own the name of your app!

Course Cost

$7,500    $5000


with a basic monthly hosting fee of $250.00

The monthly hosting fee will begin 30 days after the initial payment.

You may upgrade your service plan at any point in time for additional features.

Easy To Use.

No Coding Necessary.


What happens after I sign up? 

Step 1: Make Payment

Step 2: Our finance department will reach out to you via phone to sign agreement and begin your onboarding process to Alakazam Apps.

Step 3: Once documents have been signed an oboarding specialist will reach out via phone and email to get you logged in to your official course ledger.

Step 4: You will begin your course following directions step by step. We will start building your mobile app once you fill our your app detail form. Not following guidelines will indeed result in delays, app approval in Google Play and Apple, will exceed 90 days.

Step 5: We will continue to build submit and publish your mobile app.

Step 6: When your app is approved you will get access to your mobile app control panel and the ability for a one time revamp from our developers to further customize your app. You will not see your app until after it is approved in Google Play and Apple. They have strict policies and we will ensure we create the mobile application for approval and may edit, update, and add more features to your mobile application once it has been approved.

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