The Right Plan For Any Size App

Launch Your App For The Rest of The World To See


The basics needed to get you started with a business app.


  •  Push notifications

  •  User management

  •  User tagging

  • One time in app purchases


  •  iOS App, Android App, PWA


  •  5,000 Active devices

  •  100,000 Push notifications/mo


  •  Standard app analytics


  •  Email support


Additional capabilities to get more out of your app.


  • RSS based push notifications

  •  Plugin access settings

  •  GEO fence push notifications

  •  Subscription In-app purchases


  •  iOS App, Android App, PWA

  • iPads & android tablets


  • 25,000 Active devices

  • 250,000 Push notifications/mo


  • Advanced App Analytics

  • Standard push notification analytics


  •   Priority support


Premium support and functionality to maximize the business value of your app.



  • Developer Dashboard

  •  Enterprise Deployment (APK / IPA)

  •  Multiple Admin Accounts & Permissions


  •  iOS App, Android App, PWA

  • iPads & android tablets


  • 100,000 Active devices

  • 500,000 Push notifications/mo


  •  Advanced App Analytics

  •  Advanced push notification analytics


  •  Front of line support

  •  Dedicated customer success manager


*Each plan comes with 1 administrative seat. Each additional seat can be added for $50/mo

**Custom development receive an ongoing maintenance SLA for $300/mo

***Apps exceeding the download or push notification limit for their plan have the option of upgrading to a higher plan or purchasing more in fixed increments

All customers can purchase an additional 100,000 push notifications for $40/mo

Basic customers can purchase an additional 5,000 active devices for $80/mo

Professional customers can purchase an additional 25,000 active devices for $200/mo

Enterprise customers can purchase an additional 100,000 active devices for $600/mo

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the total costs for publishing, besides a subscription plan?

In order to publish your Android app you'll need your own Google developer account. This is a one-time $25 fee to Google. In order to publish your iOS app you'll need your own Apple developer account. This is yearly fee of $99 paid to Apple. We know this can be a little confusing so we have staff on hand to walk you through obtaining developer accounts! Just contact us at

 Do I really need developer accounts? 

Both Apple and Google do require that you open your own developer accounts, yes. However, our publishing team will handle the heavy lifting to actually submit your apps to the App Store and Google Play.


Can I publish with a free plan? 

Our Free plan allows you to utilize our dashboard for designing and moderating your app's content. Once you're ready for us to submit the app to the App Store and Google Play, you would then need to sign up for a monthly subscription.


Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel anytime! However, your payment is locked in place for the duration of your subscription (monthly or annual).


I already have a mobile website, why should I get an mobile app?

Many reasons! Here are a few:


  • Apps are interactive using features such as push notifications; websites are informational

  • Apps can utilize the native features within the phone such as the camera, calendar, GPS, etc.

  • Better user experience because the app runs within the device as opposed to accessing the web


What is the difference between an iOS app, Android app and HTML5 (Mobile Website)

When you build an app with Alakazam, it creates all three for you.


  • iOS app - use with Apple iPhone and iPads

  • Android app - use with Samsung, Google, HTC and many other devices. Basically, all non-Apple devices.

  • HTML5 Mobile Websites - you are able to view the app content on a mobile device and the layout automatically adjusts to properly display in the mobile device you are using. However, because it is a webview, it does not process many on the functionalities of an iOS or Android app. These would include interfaces with the device’s camera, GPS, calendar, Push notifications, etc.


Can I make changes to my app after it is published?

Yes, anytime and as much as you need to. Most updates are automatically and immediately pushed to everyone that has the app on their phone. 


Is it easy to maintain and update my app?

Yes, this is one of the reasons we created Alakazam. If you can use a computer, you can build and maintain your app with Alakazam. Gone are the days of calling the IT department every time a changes or update is required. You maintain the content and Alakazam will do the rest; from app submissions, to hosting, maintenance, bug fixes, upgrades, enhancement, etc. It all included in the standard subscription pricing.


Do I get charged for App updates that are resubmitted to the app store?

You are never charged for the initial  submission and most resubmission are included with your subscription. There may be an additional charge if by a rare chance you need to change the app icon or loading screen.


Can I see my app before I publish?

Yes. We provide an emulator on your dashboard so you can see the changes as you make them.


Do I have to host my app?

No, the app is hosted by Alakazam Apps.


How do I get help when I’m making my app?

Easy, we offer free online support. From your dashboard, look for the “?” in the bottom right hand corner. Click and ask your question. During normal support hours we can usually respond in minutes. Again, all support is free.


How long does it take before my app is available in the app store?

Once you ask us to publish, Android will take a few days and iOS approximately a week. We have no control over the Android or iOS review process.


Do I need to republish my app to the app store when a new version of iOS or Android comes out?

Generally not. However, should a resubmission be necessary, we will handle it for you at no cost. In fact, if necessary, we handle it all in the background for you. Chances are you will never even be aware the resubmission occurred


How do I cancel my Alakazam Apps account?

Very sorry to see you leave us. To Cancel, just send us an email at or send us a message from with the dashboard.


Your question was not answered?

No problem, send an email to and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Why not just develop a native app from scratch?

You certainly can. However, why would you want to? You have to build to two separate apps one for iOS and one for Android which will mean you will have a bigger barrier to entry, longer development cycles, higher costs and a smaller talent pool. Just like talented web developers stopped developing public facing sites, not because they are incapable but because they are better put to use focusing on core business logic. The same applies with Alakazam. We take care of the designs, layouts, logins and standard features of the app. As well as give you access to a limitless set of third party plugins while you can focus on the core business functionality unique to your company.

Another big reason to develop with Alakazam is the ongoing support burden associated with developing from scratch. Once you develop an app from scratch, you own the ongoing burden of maintenance, support, app store submissions, updates, etc. Develop on the Alakazam platform and we handle all this for you.


How much time and money can I save developing a “custom” app with Alakazam?
When the intricacies and nuances of your unique situation requires a more customized solution, this is where the power of Alakazam’s technology really shines. Custom development from scratch will generally run 18 to 25 weeks and cost anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000. Thereafter, you need an infrastructure to support and maintain the app. If you are considering a customized solution, consider Alakazam; the savings in time and money will be significant.

Alakazam’s “off-the-shelf” functionality and solutions are very powerful and highly flexible. You will generally be able to complete 80% to 90% of your requirements using Alakazam’s existing off-the-shelf features. The ability to combine these off-the-shelf features with custom functionality enables you to create a custom mobile app in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development. To further facilitate your development and save added time and money, we have made all of Alakazam’s standard plug ins open source. Take what we have, improve upon it and go in any direction you like.


In addition, with Alakazam, you get a platform that is easy to update and maintain; no need for expensive IT resources. Alakazam handles all support, hosting, updates, app store submissions and management of future upgrades.


What is a Plugin and what can I do with it?

A Plugin is a encapsulated group of code that is able to integrate into your Alakazam app. Each Plugin consists of 3 major parts….. Control, Widget and Services. The Control is the part that lives in the control panel that usually administers the content and design of what will show up in the app. The Widget is the code that lives in the app. Services are the functions used by both the Control and Widget to enhance functionality like publishing data or accessing the bluetooth functionality on the device.


For example, if you were creating an inventory availability plugin. The Control would have a list of all items in inventory and their qualities editable by the app owner. The Widget would have a search feature to find items the user is interested in and provide a read only view into the inventory. The services in this case would be the DataStore where the data is saved.

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