congratulations, let's make this a little entertaining

Okay, so now what, right? I just wanted to give you a little overview so you know what to expect! Your app is a big deal, this isn't going to be done overnight. 

Step 1:

An Alakazam Apps rep will be calling you shortly. We're not a bill collector. Answer the phone! You have no idea how many times, people don't answer our call! We just want to make sure you signed up and no one stole your credit card (it happens) and that we have all your documents signed before moving forward. 

Step 2:

After all, that is taken care of your app will be sent into the production queue. Wohooo! You will get an onboarding email and a call from our Customer Success Rep to help you with setting up your developer accounts with Apple and Google Play. That's so we can submit your app to both stores, they are sticklers and like things a certain way. It can be confusing on your own, so you got us and your onboarding email with instructions and even video tutorials to help you through the process. 

In this onboarding package, you will receive a form super cool, you will fill out to give us all the details about your mobile app, this form gets sent to our developers.

Step 3: 

Your app will be built based on your app description form and all the extra resources given to us like your social media and website. No worries, we still use our expertise to add cool features to your app that are profitable and resourceful to your downloaders. Remember, we make the app up to code so it passes submission for the app stores.  

Step 4: 

Once your app is looking all good we will send it to the submission team that submits your app to Google Play and Apple ensuring it gets approved. You will not gain access to your mobile app until it gets approved. Why? We've had to redo hundreds of mobile applications because you guys go in and playing around with your app before it gets approved and ends up in a rejection. We do NOT want a rejection. This submission process takes about 4-6 weeks. Apple takes forever for some reason, so let us do our thing. 


Step 5: 

Your app is APPROVED! Let's goooooooo! We will send you an email with your login and password and it's time for you to get working. We have an amazing Alakazam Apps University that teaches you how to edit and update your app. So don't get overwhelmed it's just new. It's time to build that business.


We are always here for you and if you ever have questions on adding new features or how something works you can always email us at we got you! 



Remember, ANSWER THE PHONE! We want to get started. Super excited for you :)

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